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Why a Serengeti safari should be on your bucket list!

The Serengeti is one of the most biodiverse and beautiful places on Earth. It is teeming with life, from the smallest insects to the largest mammals. There are many reasons to visit the Serengeti on your next African safari, but these are our favorites:

The Great Migration

Every year, millions of animals embark on a journey known as the great migration. This amazing phenomenon sees mega herds of animals travel hundreds or even thousands of miles in search of food and water. The great migration of wildebeest and zebra between Kenya and Tanzania is one of the most spectacular sights to behold, and it’s a true wonder of the world.
Every year we are fortunate enough to be with a number of our guests to witness this incredible event on a privately guided safari with Afrimine Tours to ensure that you are able to make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. As we watch the animals make their way across the plains, we can’t help but feel a sense of wonder and admiration for their strength and determination. 
The great migration is a true miracle of nature, that fuels the safari addiction.
serengeti migration safari
Wildebeest Migration – Serengeti Tanzania

The Big Five 

There are few things in life as thrilling as encountering the big five up close and personal (and safely of course) These majestic animals – lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros, and buffalo are often the main attraction on safari – however, the dominant predators in the national park are the lion prides, cheetah coalitions, and the clans of the hyenas, which never fail to provide endless entertainment and exceptional interactions for our clients. 
The Big Five are highly respected creatures on our African continent, and while they may be dangerous, there’s something about them that just keeps us coming back for more.
lion in the Serengeti
Lion in the Serengeti

The Wide Open Plains

There’s something about the wide-open plains of the Serengeti that just fills you with a sense of wonder. Maybe it’s the vastness of the landscape or the beauty of the animals that call this place home. Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that the Serengeti is one of the most unique safari destinations.

The Unique Rock Formations of the Serengeti

The Serengeti is home to some of the most unique rock formations you could hope to see. These massive rocks are believed to be among the oldest in the world, dating back millions of years. The rocks themselves are a fascinating sight, but they also provide a critical habitat for many animals by offering shelter from the hot sun and providing a safe place for animals to hide from predators.
If you ever have the chance to visit, be sure to take some time to explore the Moru Kopje’s (small hills) and the culturally significant Gong Rocks.
The Maasai used to live in the Moru Kopjes area of Serengeti, where they used large Dolerite rocks to make sounds that would communicate to other Masai in different parts of the plains. These rocks have circular depressions from years of being struck, each of which emits a slightly different metallic melodic sound.
The cultural and historic significance is that these rocks were used as a summoning call to fellow Maasai, which helped them stay connected despite the vastness of the Serengeti plains.

The Ancient History

The Maasai are nomadic people who live in the East African countries of Kenya and Tanzania. They are known for their distinctive dress and their unique way of life. The Maasai have a rich history and culture that goes back centuries. The Maasai originally came from the region that is now known as Sudan before settling in Kenya and Tanzania.
The Maasai are nomadic pastoralists. They herd cows, goats, and sheep. The milk from these animals is a vital part of the Maasai diet. Remarkably they manage to do this amidst the free-roaming wildlife of the region, and over the years much work has been done to mitigate human-wildlife conflict, making them the true custodians of the land.
Afrimine Tours Maasai


The abundant wildlife

The Serengeti plays a vital role in the ecosystem and it is home to an incredible variety of wildlife. With more than three million large mammals, including lions, elephants, and buffalo being resident in the park, it is also home to more than 500 species of birds, including vultures, eagles, and storks. You will also find a number of smaller animals such as reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. It is a veritable safari goers paradise, whether you are interested in the larger mammals or three endemic bird species found only in Tanzania, the Fischer’s lovebird, the Grey Breasted Spur fowl and the Rufous Tailed Weaver.
Elephants on the Eastern Serengeti


The Serengeti is a year round travel destination

So when is the best time to visit the Serengeti? The answer depends on what you want to see. If you want to see the great migration, then the best time to visit is between June and September. This is when millions of animals travel across the plains in search of food and water. If you want to see the newborn animals, then the best time to visit is between January and February.
If you’re more interested in seeing the big cats, then the best time to visit is between December and March. This is when the plains are dry and the grass is short, giving you great visibility and close sightings.
The Serengeti Safari Camps and Lodges are an excellent way to experience the natural beauty and wildlife of Tanzania. Located in the heart of the Serengeti National Park, these accommodations offer guests the chance to see some of the world’s most iconic animals in their natural habitat.
Whether you’re staying at one of the lodge’s luxury tented camps or one of the more rustic safari camps, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience; and with experienced guides leading the way, you’re sure to see plenty of wildlife on your Serengeti Safari. So if you’re looking for an African adventure, be sure to include camps and lodges in the Serengeti.
InCollage Afrimine Tours


How to book my Serengeti Safari

If you’re looking to book a safari, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind. First, you’ll need to decide what kind of safari you want to go on. 
There are many different types of safaris, from those that focus on seeing wildlife to those that focus on the history and culture of the area. Once you’ve decided what type of safari you want to go on, you’ll need to choose a reputable company to book your trip with. There are many different safari companies out there, so be sure to do your research before making a final decision.
Trust the experts! Anderson Benson, our managing director from Afrimine Tours guided in Tanzania since over 10 years. Our team of experts knows exactly where to send you on your unique safari experience, that will tick all the items on your bucket list! 

The Ultimate Nature Journey

The Serengeti National Park is not only a key destination for tourists but also a vital part of the local ecosystem, it is also a major contributor to the local economy, with tourism being a significant source of income for the area, providing long-term sustainable employment opportunities for the local community.
The Serengeti National Park is a must-see for any nature lover. If you have the chance to visit, you will not be disappointed.
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